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Have the members of the project team already established business (still active or not)? If so, who and which companies?

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How do you see your business in the medium term (3 to 5 years)?

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Gantt with the project main activities and results for the next 3 years:

Market analysis: What will be the positioning of your company in relation to the competition?

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What public will target your product(s)/service(s), who will be your first customer and where are they established?

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What are the identified suppliers? How will the production and distribution be organized?

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What will be the needed funds for the first 2 years of the company and how will you acquire them (personal funds, venture capitals, business angel)?

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Detail the estimated budget for the next 2 years (salaries, general expenses, planned investments...)

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The information provided will be kept confidential and dissemination will be limited to the evaluation panel responsible of screening the applications.
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